1993 Lake School of Natural Therapeutics Milwaukee, WI

2000 Integrated Touch Therapy
Canine Massage Level I & II
Equine Massage Level I & II

2002 Earl Conner
Myofascial Release

2004 Institute for Integrative Healthcare Studies
Chair Massage

2004 Judith Koch
Fibromyalgia Bodywork Techniques

2005 Karen Zaharatos

2005 Karen Zaharatos
Hydrastone Massage

2006 Steven Weiniger D.C.
BodyZone Posture Rehab Exercise

2007 Ben Benjamin
Orthopedic Massage – Neck & Thorax, Lumbar/Sacroil & Knee

2008 Ben Benjamin
Orthopedic Massage – Hip & Thigh

2008 Upledger Institute
CranioSacral Therapy Level 1

2010 Anita J. Shannon, LMBT, LC
Massage Cupping Therapy

2010 Anatomy Trains

2012 Norton School of Lymphatic Therapy
Basic manual Lymph Drainage

2015 Holistic Equine Academy of Lymphedema
Managing Equine Lymphedema Hands-On Training, based on the curriculum developed at Hannover Veterinary School in Hannover, Germany