Fascia 101

Fascia is one of the most amazing pieces of connective tissue in our bodies. It starts out as a very thin (see
through) membrane that will wrap it’s self around every muscle cell to make a muscle fiber, wrap around the
muscle fibers to make a muscle bundle, wrap around the muscle bundles to make a whole muscle, wraps around many muscle and will make a muscle group. Then it wraps tighter and the body will add a few harder cells to make the tendon and repeat that process to make the bone. It is wrapped around every tendon, ligament, nerve, organ and blood vessel in the body. From the skin to the bone from head to toe the body is all connected with fascia. It acts like a sling to hold organ and muscles up and together it also keeps everything moving against its self. Its main function is to make scar. If a muscle is injured (muscled pull, sprain, strain) cut or surgical altered the fascia is compromised and will sew its self back together making scar tissue, adhesion’s and sometimes taking other tissue with it.